What we do

Preparation: Removal and disposal of existing floor surfaces, i.e. carpet, linoleum, masonry products, etc. Make sure sub floors or substrates are sound and moisture free.

Installation: Special care is given to the handling of fine wood. A moisture test is given to wood and sub floors.

Sanding: All wood floors (if required) are professionally sanded to achieve the highest standard of grain reflection.

Finishing: Only the finest water and oil based polyurethanes are used at T & M Flooring Service. This assures endurance and beauty for your wood floor.

Quality Assurance: All work comes with a warranty. We do it right the first time.

Other services Include: Working with General Contractors; Architects; Interior Designers; Realtors, etc. Most important, we understand your needs and strive to make each project go as smoothly as possible for you, our most valued customer.

What puts us above the rest?

Our #1 priority is taking care of our customers needs. The owner, Matthew E. Kostro handles all consultations personally, as well as personally inspecting each job and following it through to completion.

We strive to respond quickly to our customers and their time restraints. We schedule FREE on-time consultations that meet our customer’s needs at exact times.

We send at least one Journeyman floor professional out on every job. All of our Journeyman have a minimum of ten years experience.

We only use top-of-the-line equipment, and therefore our results are superb.

T & M Flooring Services guarantees the quality of the materials installed to meet the manufacturers’ specifications and we guarantee our finishes for one year against cracking, peeling and chipping on refinished and newly installed floors (not on re-coated floors).

We apply two coats of polyurethane to every job.

We apply three coats of commercial finish.
We screen between each coat of finish. Other companies may apply the second coat and possible a third coat without re-screening. The purpose of screening between coats is to reduce grain raise, which will increase the wear of your floors and give a smoother appearance.


Protect the floor: Do not cover or use rugs on the floor until two weeks after the finish has been applied. After that you can begin using tracking mats at exterior doors, fronts of sinks, refrigerators or wherever heavy traffic occurs. Place felt pads on floor glides on chairs and other furniture to prevent scratching. Never wax the base of the chair legs.

Clean regularly: Dust mop or vacuum on a regular basis. Spills or tracked in dirt may require more than dust mopping. To thoroughly clean the floor, lightly sponge mop with BASICS squeaky cleaner, available through T & M Flooring Service.

Things to remember: Some cleaners and polishes can damage oil and water based finishes. Never use paste wax, wax or silicone based polish, solvents or pine based cleaners, vinegar and water ammonia products on the wood floor. Wax or polish can actually make the floor more difficult to clean, and will create a problem when the floor requires refinishing and we will not warranty the floor.

Periodically recoat: Hardwood floors should be recoated when the original finish is showing signs of wear, but before it has worn down to the bare wood, the floor will stain easily and may require sanding. Contact T & M Flooring when the floor shows signs of wear.